Where We Work

Project Objective

The objective of the project is to develop a community-based, replicable model to strengthen local capacities for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation through the development of community adaptation plans and the introduction of inclusive early warning systems and evacuation plans.

(Maps allocation will be updated the first quarter of 2022)

Project Area

The project will be implemented in the hazard prone areas of Rakhine, specifically in Sittwe, Ponnagyun, Pauktaw, Rathedaung and Myebon Townships. Those townships are situated in south western part of Rakhine. Three villages from Sittwe and 9 villages from Ponnagyun township will be intervened with the all project activities as indicated in section 7.

The following table provides an overview of the intended target villages:

Township Village Tract Village Est Population
Ponnagyun Kyauk Seik Kyauk Seik 2.029
Ponnagyun Tan Zwei Tan Zwei 721
Ponnagyun Kha Maung Taw Kha Maung Taw 513
Ponnagyun Tan Zwei Min Kan 584
Ponnagyun Ku Lar Chaung Ku Lar Chaung 1.911
Ponnagyun Sa Par Htar Sa Par Htar 2.900
Ponnagyun Kyein Chaung Kyein Chaung (Rakhine) 1.012
Ponnagyun Met Ka Lar Kya Met Ka Lar Kya 850
Ponnagyun Nat Seik Nat Seik 1.180
Sittwe Kyay Taw Kyay Taw Ywar Ma 910
Sittwe Kyay Taw Kyay Taw Paik Seik 2.227
Sittwe Kyay Taw Pyi Taw Thar 1.300
    TOTAL 16.137